CLOUD 9 ..................... THE ULTIMATE CAT TREE
     The "Stratus" trees have curved branches and a single trunk, with a minimum of two levels and as many levels as you choose.
     One or multiple clamshells can be added and are interchangeable on the larger upper levels, with either carpeted or wooden outer walls.

The five level Stratus 5.

With 2 clamshells (6 feet):     The Original Stratus (5 feet):


6 feet tall with two clamshells,                            5 feet tall with small, medium and 3 large dishes.
wood sides. Base tree is $450                            Model CT5 with carpeted base. The price is $450.
plus $95.00 for each clamshell.

The Stratus with large flower and 2 leaf platforms (499.00)


The six level Stratus 6.

This model is 6 feet tall with 1 small, 2 medium
and 3 large levels. Model CT6. The price is 550.

The two-level Stratus 2.

Two large levels 36" tall with wood base             Two large levels with clamshell added
Model CT2W. The price is $225.                             Model CT2CW. The price is $320.