CLOUD 9 ..................... THE ULTIMATE CAT TREE

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1. Products with the large 20 inch diameter dishes.
2. Products with the medium sized 16 inch dishes.
3. Products with the small 12 inch dishes.
4. Scratch posts.


             CT420                         CT420T                      CT320                         CT220                        CT220T
$399.00                        $440.00                    $289.00                       $189.00                      $225.00

The CT420 is a 4 tier               The CT420 is the             The CT320 is a 3 tier           The CT220 is a 2 tier       The CT220T is a 2 tier
tree, 5 feet tall, with a               same as the                      tree, 45 inches tall,              tree, 31 inches tall,           tree, same as the
24 inch square base.              CT420 but 6 ft tall.           with a 22 inch square          with a 24 by 18 inch         CT220 but 45 inches
                                                                                                base.                                      rectangular base.              tall.      

        CT120                          CT120T                          The HAMMOCK
         $119.00                        $139.00                                $299.00
The CT120 is a 1 tier               The CT120T is the         The Hammock comprises 2 dishes,
tree, 31 in tall with an              same as the CT120,       with a swinging hammock in
18 in square base.                  but 45 in tall.                    between. It is 24 in high and 60 in wide.


       CT416                          CT416X                          CT116
      $275.00                        $299.00                          $99.00

The CT416 is a 4 tier         The CT416X is the           The CT116 is a 1 tier tree,
tree, five feet tall, with         same as the CT416,        31 in tall with a 14 in square
a 22 in square base.          with 20 in top dish.            base.


                      3. PRODUCTS WITH THE SMALL 12 INCH DISHES.

            CT412                           CT412X
           $150.00                         $175.00

The CT412 is a 4 tier                The CT412X is the same
tree, 36 in tall, with an               as the CT412, with a
18 in square base.                    20 in top dish.

                                                             4. SCRATCH POSTS.      

            SPPP28                                                   SPPP38                                                        SPDBL28
             $65.00                                                      $85.00                                                           $95.00

Single scratch post                                 Single scratch post                                          Double scratch post
28 inches tall with                                   38 inches tall with                                            28 inches tall.
hanging ping pong ball.                        hanging ping pong ball.

                                           SPINNER                                                                                    SPDBL38
                                              $95.00                                                                                        $135.00
 Scratch post with spinning horizontal bar, 18 inches tall.                     Double scratch post, 38 inches tall.

We do not support online ordering as we will need to discuss quotes for carpet colour and shipping prior to ordering.  We do ship throughout North America.  Product being shipped will go by Fedex and will be unassembled in order to dramatically reduce shipping costs. Assembly is extremely easy and does not reduce the strength of the product.