• Double Wave Shelf - Wood

  • Double Lly Pad Cat Tree (with cats)

  • Single, Double and Log Scratch Posts

  • Stratus Trees

  • Classic Trees

Specialty Pages.

"Near" Hypoallergenic Trees

These are cat trees which are produced from all wood or a combination of wood and sisal rope, essentially eliminating the use of carpet. The benefits are:

  • A great reduction in the risk of allergies for the cats and their owners.
  • Much less cleaning required.
  • All wood trees are built from Western Red Cedar, can be used outdoors and are highly recommended in outdoor enclosures.

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Products For Less Mobile Cats

For older cats and for cats with plumpness issues, many of the Cloud 9 products have accessibility options:

  • Platforms closer together, to make the jump up, and especially down, easier for them
  • Ramps between the levels for the cat to walk up and down on a gentle incline..       

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Products Under $200.00.

Single level trees, single and double lily pads, scratch posts, various wall shelves.

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