What Makes Cloud 9 Unique...


reclining Savannah

The unique dish design for the platforms was the basis for the original Cloud 9 tree. The cats will stretch across the dish and it conforms wonderfully to their body shape, which a flat surface cannot do. The half-tube designs of the past cradled the cat but it was still a flat surface and only allowed the cat to lie in one direction. The dish allows the cat to sleep in any direction, hang its head over the edge, curl up in a ball and all without the tendency to roll to the edge. The dish always tend to bring the cat into the centre.


Unlike traditional cardboard tubing usually found on the market, the products are of strong, solid wood construction which makes them substantially heavier and far more stable.


The tree are modular, which allows for economical shipping (assembly on arrival is very easy) and also allows for easy replacement or refurbishment of parts (particularly the roped sections. The trees are built to be sacrificial, to protect your furniture from the ravages of the claws, so it is important that they can be renewed with standard parts to keep them looking attractive.


The rope we use is from Brazil, where they manufacture the strongest, longest-lasting and most attractive sisal which cats absolutely love to scratch. No need to use catnip to attract the cats. They will go right to it.


Our innovative cat tree designs are custom made to fit any space, big or small, and to blend well into your home decor. They are unique, comfortable and long-lasting, using only materials that are safe for your cats.


We offer customisation, such as carpet colour, height, number of levels, provision for cats with disabilities and much more.


We ship throughout North America with very competitive rates.

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