Some of the trees in the Cloud 9 product line are designed to fit in narrow spaces. They are:

Compact Stratus tree, the Beanstalk, the Classic 4-tier medium dishes, the Corkscrew.

CompactStratus small Beanstalk smallCT416XWChocBrwn small    Corkscrew small        







 The following options, found in the tree selection process at the bottom of individual product pages, will make the tree more compact for a smaller space:

  • INLINE  .......  available on the three and four-tier models with medium and large dishes, the base on the inline model is rectangular and the poles are in a  straight line. The tree will be narrow, just as wide as the platforms, such as sixteen inches on the medium dish tree. It is a perfect tree for placement against a wall or window. Shown here are the Large Classic inline tree in beige (forty-four inches by twenty inches) and the Medium Classic inline tree in blue (thrity-six inches by sixteen inches).

CT320IBeige small

CT316WI small







  • LEAF PLATFORMS .....  available on the Large Classic and Stratus trees, the leaf is sixteen inches by twenty-four inches, so it has the same sleeping area as the large round dish but it can be "tucked in" against the pole or trunk. For example, the Large Classic four-tier tree has a twenty-four inch square base and the overall width and depth of the tree is thirty-two inches. By using the leaf platforms, the overall width and depth of the tree is reduced to twenty-six inches, not much more than the size of the base.
  • SMALL FLOWERS ......  the "notch" between the petals on the flowers, both large and small, can be placed against the trunk to reduce the tree width and depth. The small flower is the same diameter as the large round dish, but with the notch against thr trunk, it fits as closely as the medium dish.
  • LARGE FLOWERS  .....  the same as the small flower, except the large flower, which is almsot twenty-four inches across, will fit as closly to the trunk as the large dish does.
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