BSSTCL small

Six feet tall

Four medium dishes at heights of seventy-two (the top level), fifty-four, thirty-six and sixteen inches. There is an eighteen inch step up. The photo shows the upgraded model with the "leaf" option for the platforms. It akso has the "compact" upgrade, with the number of platforms increased from four to six, changimg the eighteen inch step up to tweive inches.

The base is twenty-four inches wide by 18 inches deep..




 Options for the six foot tall Slim Beanstalk are:

  • Compact Levels - six platforms to make the step up twelve inches and the dish heights at six, five,four,three,two and one foot intervals,
  • Leaf Upgrade all levels.
  • Small Flower Top upgrade with a Top Colour choice.
  • Base Colour or Wood Finish - wood base, varnished with either a clear coat or stained in a light, medium or dark walnut.
* Primary Colour:

Base Colour or Wood Finish:

Compact Levels:

Leaf Upgrade:

Small Flower Top:

Top Colour:


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