Six feet tall, and the platforms stay within the width of the base.

four medium leaves at heights of seventy-two, fifty-four,thrity-six and sixteen inches. There is an eighteen inch step up. The leaf is the standard platform with the wide models.

Base twenty-four inches square.

Options for the six foot tall Slim Beanstalk are:

  • Compact Leveles - platforms increased from four to six to make the step up twelve inches and the dish heights at six, five,four,three,two and one foot intervals.
  • Leaf Upgrade all levels.
  • Small Flower Top upgrade with a Top Colour choice.
  • Base Colour or Wood Finish - wood base, varnished with either a clear coat or stained in a light, medium or dark walnut.
* Primary Colour:

Base Colour or Wood Finish:

Compact Levels:

Leaf Upgrade:

Small Flower Top:

Top Colour:


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