The Fantasy Tree is a single trunk tree and the most popular height is six and a half feet tall. The trunk and branches have rippled bark effect, made of commercial carpet. The levels are smaller below and larger on top and multiple caves, hammocks and other options can be added as follows.

TREE HEIGHT: the minimum height is five feet and the maximum is seven feet. Available heights are 5, 5½, 6, 6½, and 7 feet.

COLOUR: there are two choices to be made, one carpet colour for the tree "bark" on the trunk and branches and one colour for the platforms. There is also a separate selection for upgrading the platforms from the standard "moss-covered" pads to the Cloud 9 dish.

SISAL ROPE: the carpet on the trunk and branches can be switched to sisal rope, for a look similar to the Stratus Tree. If used in combination with cedar platforms and a wood base, it becomes a good option for a household in need of a "near" hypoallergenic option. Please refer to All Wood Products for further details.

TOP CHOICE: the top level of the tree can be upgraded to a large dish, a small flower or a large flower. There is then a choice for the colour of this top level.

FINISHED WOOD BASE UPGRADE: the standard tree comes with a carpeted base included. You may upgrade to a finished wood base (3/4″ pine) with clear varnish or with a light, medium or dark walnut stain.

HAMMOCK: one or two hammocks can be added to the tree.

RAMPS: a set of ramps can be added to the tree and there is a carpet colour selection also.

Customizing Your Fantasy Tree

Still more levels can be added and/or specific carpet colours can be requested (beyond the examples shown in the photos and in the options menu - usually at no extra charge). Feel free to email with any specific requests prior to purchase.

* Choose a Tree Height:

* Primary Colour:

* Choose Bark Colour:

Dish Upgrade:

Top Choice:

Top Colour:

Base Colour or Wood Finish:

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