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 The Beanstalk is a cat tree which makes a strong statement in a room and is ideal for narrower spaces. It is designed to be both physically and visually as unobtrusive as possible while still being an elegant piece of furniture.The trunk is made of solid wood and is extremely stable. The curves in the trunk are designed to bring the platforms closer to the centre axis of the tree, to minimise its overall width. The base size on the six foot models is twenty-four inches square and the footprint of the tree stays within those dimensions. The shorter models (four and a half and three feet) have a twenty-two inch square base. The trees come with two levels (three foot model), three levels (four and a half foot model) and four levels (six foot model), making the step up between levels eighteen inches.

THE SLIM BEANSTALK: the sweep of the curves (from side to side) is ten inches from side to side. Visually, the slim slimsweepdemoversion takes up less space. It comes standard with medium, sixteen-inch dishes and the standard top level is a leaf, twenty-two inches by sixteen inches. The tree can be upgraded to all leaves. If there is only one cat in the household, the medium dishes with a leaf as the top level works very well. Upgrading to leaves all the way up will make the tree much more friendly for multiple medium or larger sized cats. A small flower on top is best for a large cat. 


THE WIDE BEANSTALK: the sweep of the curves is fifteen inches from side to side. The wide version allows the widesweepdemo platforms to be tucked into the centre more and it allows for either leaves or small flowers for the platforms. It comes standard with medium, sixteen-inch dishes, the standard top level is a leaf and the upgrade is a small flower.





How To Order

Simply click on one of the links below to go to the product page. There you will be asked to make some simple selections to configure your tree.

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