The Double Wave is a self supporting, curved shelf which is mounted to the wall with seven screws or anchors. No regular shelf brackets are required as the curve of the shelf prevents the shelf from sagging. The necessary attachment points are built onto the shelf. The Double Wave can be either right configuration, with the sleeping areas on the right, or left configuration, with the sleeping areas on the left.

For mounting to the wall, you will require 7 large butterfly anchor screws (toggle bolts) for drywall or Tapcon anchors for masonry walls. To mount on the wall, the best way to align it is to assemble the three sections while it is on the floor, then two people hold it up in place in order to check the desired alignment and mark the bracket locations. One person can hold it while the other steps back and adjusts and then marks. Then you disassemble the three sections and put them up one at a time.


The first photo is the full-sized Double Wave which has wider, elliptical sleeping areas. The second photo is the Compact Double Wave which has circular sleeping areas.

DblWv small

DblWvCompact small









DoubleWaveWood1 small

DoubleWaveWood2 small

DoubleWaveWood3 small








SmallCatonDoubleWave large















The Wood Double Wave in finished plywood is stained and sealed with water-based polyurethane. It measures 48″ wide by 44″ high and is also available in a  compact version (like the carpeted version shown above). The depth of the shelf away from the wall is 15″ at its widest part. The required brackets are attached and minimally visible. 


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