The Fantasy Tree is built of solid wood, with a unique branching system and will support five or six large cats with no problem. The trunk and branches are covered in commercial carpet, formed into a rippled bark-like appearance and is designed to withstand considerable scratching. The caves are built with the large Cloud 9 dish so that the interior (floor, back wall, and roof) is completely concave, making it naturally comfortable and deceptively large inside. A large Maine Coon will fit inside easily. The top of the cave is also a place for the cats to sleep and play. There can be as many as five caves and two hammocks on one tree. It ships unassembled and is very easy to put together. There are three nuts to tighten underneath the base and rest spins or taps into place.  The most frequently asked question is how stable the tree is. The dead weight of the tree, between 120 and 160 lbs depending on the options, make it completely stable (especially when you add the weight of the cats to it).

Below are the variety of models available from which to select your new tree. After the photos, you will find a list of all configurations and the prices.

Fant4C1HLightGreen300  FantDish-small  Fant2C1HLtBeige300  Fant1C1HDkGrnBrown300  Fant2C2HLtBeige300

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The following are the available versions of the Fantasy tree, with the link to the selection and pricing page for each product

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