The Cloud 9 Outdoor Tree is a variant of the Stratus Cat Tree, built of western red cedar. It has flat, circular platforms and is sealed to withstand the elements. It is often used on a back patio for outdoor cats, especially inside an enclosure such as those found at (which I highly recommend, by the way). The standard tree is five feet tall with one small (12 inch), one medium (16 inch) and three large (20 inch) levels. It ships unassembled and is easy to put together when it arrives. The base has one bolt to tighten underneath, the branches drop into place and the platforms spin onto built-in bolts. An option is an extra large (24 inch diameter) top level.

Outdoor Tree

With the optional Sisal Rope Upgrade, this tree can be used as a "near" hypoallergenic indoor tree. It is not for outfoor use with the sisal rope upgrade.


Wood Base:

XL Cedar Platform:

Sisal Rope Upgrade:


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