The Single Scratch Post comes in a few models, from a simple pole with a carpeted base to a wood base and wood top with a toy attached: The poles are three and a half inches in diameter, wrapped with 3/8 inch Brazilian sisal (the very best available in the world) and they are available for separate purchase to refurbish the scratch post when the rope wears through. The standard base is carpeted with an option for a wood base. The top of the post is capped with carpet and there is an option for a small rectangular top from which a ping-pong ball toy hangs.

The models are:

  • SP16         sixteen inches tall with a sixteen inch base.
  • SP24         twenty-four inches tall with a twenty inch base.
  • SP32         thirty-two inches tall with a twenty inch base.       
  • SP40         forty inches tall with a twenty-two inch base.   
  • SP48         forty-eight inches tall with a twenty-two inch base.

To order your Single Scratch Post, please choose a  base colour for the standard carpeted base (the carpet pole cap will be the same colour), or a wood base and choose the wood finish. Also you can choose the tall model from the selections below. Initial price shown is for the carpeted, 16 inch model with a small rectangle top.


Choose Post Height:

* Base Colour or Wood Finish:

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